Investing in Diamonds

Why Invest in Diamonds? is the affiliated partner of a newly launched diamond investment and diamond sales company in the United Kingdom and worldwide. As the price of diamonds soars across the globe, we can help investors buy the stones that will see the greatest and most secure return on investment.

Colored Diamonds for Sale

DGS International has a variety of diamonds for sale, specifically high-end colored diamonds including yellow diamonds, blue diamonds, pink diamonds, black diamonds and green diamonds.

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DGS International is dedicated to bring you the best opportunities for investment in diamonds. Their highly knowledgeable staff can help you purchase diamonds for investment from as little as £4,000 or you can speak to our jewelry specialist for diamond engagement rings hand-made to order.

celebrity pink diamond

Celebrity Diamond Investment – A Cut Above the Rest?

Back in 2003 Ben Affleck started a trend among celebrities that was to keep on growing. He presented his then girlfriend Jennifer Lopez with a 6.5 carat pink diamond that wowed fans and colleagues alike on both sides of the Atlantic.

Whilst the wedding never took place, it was a sure fire winner for the rare diamond industry. Ms Lopez very generously handed the ring back to Affleck once they went their separate ways. She needn’t have worried, a few years later her then Husband, the infamous Marc Anthony gifted her with a 14 carat blue diamond which is said to be worth over $4 million. Lucky Lo knows that whilst men may not be forever, diamonds certainly are.

Let’s take a look at some other lavish celebrity diamond gifts, and remember you could have one of your very own by contacting us here at Diamond Global Sales. Anna Kournikova – Champion tennis player. Anna Kournikova was presented with an 11 carat pear cut pink engagement ring worth over $2.5 million by her fiancé Enrique Iglesias. This ring is definitely one of the most stunning I have seen. However I do question Anna’s decision to wear it on the court!

Carla Bruni – wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy. The stunning wife of the Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy sports an eye-watering pink heart shaped diamond which is rumoured to also have been worn by his ex-wife. The Dior Cupidon is a mesmerising pink colour and looks to be a bit of an heirloom for good ole Sarkozy.

Carmen Electra – Actress and Singer. This is one of the more unusual stones on our list, a black Diamond and unusually for a celebrity it’s not all that expensive. There’s something about the way a black diamond looks on the hand though that makes it more than a bit special. Carmen received this black diamond ring from her fiancé Rob Patterson. Rob realising he was her 3rd Fiancé probably through it best not to overdo in on the price-tag.

Mariah Carey – Singer and Diva Extraordinaire. Mariah Carey has never been one to fade into the background and we would expect nothing less of her choice in Jewellery. Her husband Nick Cannon bought her a 17 carat emerald cut pink diamond ring, which also features to half moon diamonds. This ring apparently is worth in excess of $2.5 Million and let’s be honest, it’s worth every penny.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Celebrities want a piece of bling that shows the world just how much their men love them. This is also the case with the men of the showbiz world, check out the diamonds on Will Smith, Sean Combs, David Guest and Ashley Cole.

Whilst not all of us can afford $2.5 million diamond rings or earrings, we can afford to invest in a beautiful diamond on a slightly smaller scale. If a stone is worth investing in, then it’s worth doing it well, only deal with the experts.