Is it Okay to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring Later On?

engagement ring upgrade

You remember visiting that jewelry store on several occasions. You noticed “the one” as you were passing by and couldn’t help but go inside and try it on. The next time you tried on the perfect ring was with your boyfriend, you dragged him along just so he could get an idea of what you were looking for. And maybe to see if he would notice your ring size.

Now you are married, you probably are a little more well off than you were and you are faced with a dilemma. Looking back, you may have realized you chose modestly so your fiancé-to-be wouldn’t have a heart attack when you showed him the ring of your dreams. How do you broach the subject of upgrading your engagement ring? How do you possibly tell the love of your life that you maybe want something bigger, flashier, and more your style?

It may be time to confront your fears and have a talk with your husband. Chances are your hubby wasn’t sure what to get you in the first place. He probably consulted the jeweler and asked a fellow customer what she thought of the ring. Instead of being unsatisfied with your ring, carefully bring up the topic of upgrading and see what your significant other has to say about it. He loves and cares about you and your happiness is top priority. Just remember to be sensitive about the matter and to take what he has to say into consideration.

It is always possible that money was an issue when you first started ring shopping together. This may have prevented you from getting the ring you had always hoped for. Maybe you are the kind of person that, now you have some spare change, would like to upgrade your ring to something a little glitzier.

Maybe you like the significance of your simple ring, which reminds you of the beginnings of your relationship with your loved one and this makes you hesitant to consider an upgrade. Whatever the case, it is important to remember your engagement ring as a semblance of your love with your husband.

If money isn’t an issue and you aren’t the sentimental type, the only thing keeping you from upgrading your ring may be your husband. Once you have discussed the issue over with him, then you can start ring shopping for engagement rings…again.

If the diamond, or setting has sentimental value, like being a family heirloom, you can always change one out for another. You always have the possibility of choosing higher quality diamond cut, with more clarity, and better color placed in your current setting.

The previous stone could always be placed into a ring, or necklace. The option of placing your engagement ring stone into a newer, more modern setting is possible while placing a new stone of your chose into your old setting. There are endless amounts of options when it comes to upgrading your engagement ring, including re-sizing.

If you are still feeling guilty about even thinking about upgrading your ring, remember that there will be many holidays and birthdays in the future that could hold some promising new jewelry in your line up. The decision is going to be ultimately up to you and your husband and should be discussed before you do anything too drastic. Who knows, maybe your husband will decide that he wants an upgrade too and you can look at mens wedding bands and a new engagement ring.